Dr. Jerry
Dr. Jerry
Species Unknown blue creature
Location Dougal County, Georgia
Age Unknown
First Appearance Family Trouble
Occupation Doctor
Role Deceased doctor

Dr. Jerry was one of the doctors working for the Dougal County Clinic. He was a strange blue creature with no head, neck, or shoes (despite having visible laces), and always had his arms up in air and his legs spread out.

Like most doctors in Dougal County, he was very incompetent at his job. When a paternity test was being performed to determine Rusty's true father by pouring urine on a rabbit, he took the purple smoke emitting from its corpse as a sign of pregnancy. After the Sheriff reminded him of what they were there for, Jerry assumed that they were finding out who was the father of the rabbit.

Later he smashed the dead rabbit's eye with a hammer, determining that "this rabbit's been hit by a hammer." He paged Dr. Bug to have a look at the rabbit, then had him analyze the purple smoke. Jerry made the connection that Dr. Bug was related to the Cuylers, but he was quickly told to shut up as Dr. Bug did not want to be associated with his family.

Dr. Jerry met his demise when the Sheriff fires his guns indoors to celebrate the announcement of Rusty being an only child, and a bullet accidentally hit Jerry through the right eye and immediately killed him. The Sheriff promptly flees the crime scene and leaves Jerry lying in a pool of his own blood.

Dr. Jerry was voiced by Brendon Small.


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