Early's guns


  • Multiple Pump action/Semi-Auto Shotguns
  • Double Barreled Shotgun(Intro)
  • Springfield Model 1861 Rifled Musket, standard issue weapon of the Confederate States Armed Forces during the American Civil War (Gun of A Son)
  • A hunting rifle(Butt trouble and The Liar, The Bitch, and The Wardrobe)
  • A BB gun
  • A pellet gun(Mentioned)


  • In Gun of a Son, when Early's shotgun is damaged by the water, he cries and says it is his only gun. This could be a joke as Early is more saddened by his "only" gun breaking than Rusty, his only son, gets shot.
  • Ga Ga Pee Pap said he had a BB gun as a kid claiming he used to shoot Early with it.


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