Fiona Cuyler is the Caucasian human wife of Durwood Cuyler. She's also the mother of his two children Parker and Posey. She's often sarcastic, appears to have a turblent marriage currently.


Its' not known when she and Durwood met. At some point, after he left Dougal county, he met and eventually married Fiona. Though she believes he enjoys her family, he has been hinted to be offended by how they treat him. His biggest annoyance was her father's jokes and how her mother checks to see if he inked where he sat.

She does try to discipline and be active in her children's lives. Not when she's drinking, according to her husband. When they meet the Cuylers, she's not very fond to meet them due to Early's groping and Granny's racial slurs to her and the kids.

Later when Durwood "leaves for work", Fiona reveals to Rusty she is aware of him losing his job a month ago. She soon gets drunk and begins to come on to Rusty this later turns to sex where clothes and ink are found all around the house leading to the bedroom where Durwood catches them in the act. Rusty confirms the affair as something amazing while Fiona kicks him off the bed and nonchalantly says "He raped me send him back." 

Though, Durwood is still clearly upset from the affair, the two work together to knock Rusty out and send him back home. Durwood doesn't plan to let the affair go. After they knock him out, he angrily calls Fiona a "whore".


  • Fiona is the first woman who Rusty has had sex with and took his virginity. 
  • Fiona is possibly an alcoholic, at home she's often seen drinking wine from a box.

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