The Rapist

Government Brain Voodoo Trouble
Season: 2 Episode: 7
Production code: 107
First Aired: September 18, 2006

Plot: Early Cuyler is at the cuyler house porch, hog tying Rusty Cuyler until an infuriated Sheriff appears and demands to know if it was Early who stole the pipes from his home. Early brings up excused until it's revealed that Early was attempting to sell the pipes. Sheriff, tired of having to arrest Early every time they meet, proposes seeing a therapist(unkowingly a Rapist), rather then face prison. Sheriff opens himself up to TheRapist, but Early only spouts excuses. This leads to TheRapist convincing Early and Sheriff to switch lives for a day. This however, ends in failure when Early acts abusive in his new role as the Sheriff by squirting Sheriff with fire hoses and shocking him with a car battery . TheRapist attempts to solve their relationship once again, this time by making Early and Sheriff shout their feeling on a mountain. This helps Sheriff vent his aggressions, but it takes almost a whole day to do so.

Later TheRapist reveals that he is not actually a "therapist", but "the rapist". Early and Sheriff not really concerned over this revelation decide to leave. However their experience proved useless as Early still stole pipes from the police station, and Sheriff, realizing that there is no way to change Early or improve their relationship, ventilates his frustration of having to deal with Early and tells him he doesn't care anymore. Early, stands outside, having lost a friend until the sheriffs office blows up and the credits roll.

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