==History born july 22 2012 Randy is the inbred son of Rusty and Tammi. When Randy was born the Doctor


didn't exactly deliver Randy, instead watching TV and talking to Lil about smoking an epideral. Randy fell on the floor, leaving Granny to say "what is that?" being shocked that Randy was Caucasian(though mostly because he has no squid traits)

Initially he is shown to be fully human. His hair color is the same a Rusty's, but lacks many squid traits, as pointed out by Granny and Early. Early even stated that he didn't have Rusty's acne or rat tail, even though he is his baby, and hasn't reached puberty yet. He is seen again with Tammi in The Inkubator Lives. Rust is unable to pay child support leaving Tammi to feed him hot wings from the resturant where she works.

In Ink is Thicker Than Blood, Which is Thicker Than Water when Randy fell into a lake and removed his diaper, revealing a set of tentacles along with his other appendages proving that he is quarter mud-squid.

  • It's more likely that the reason for Randy looking more human is because of his inbred origins. When two organisms, be it plants or animals, that are closely related to each other inbreed, it results in recessive traits manifesting greater than dominant traits. This is especially since Rusty is half-human, and the human part of Rusty's DNA manifested after procreating with Tammi, who is fully human.