Mammy Cuyler
Species Appalachian Mud squid
Location Dougal County, Georgia
Age Older than Granny Cuyler
First Appearance Holodeck Redneck
Occupation Unknown
Role old crone

Mammy Cuyler is the mother of Granny Cuyler who long ago abandoned her daughter at the local post office in a box that said "free baby" in one of her "wild" moments and then ran off with her apparent lover Lamar. She was apparently very irresponsible but despite this Granny continues to remember her fondly. In Holodeck Redneck, Granny uses the holodeck to live one of her two fantasies one of which is to be back in the arms of her Mammy prior to abandonment. The holographic Mammy was then beaten to death by Early Cuyler. It is unknown if she is still alive or if she died but because granny has lived since the 1800's it is possible that mammy is still alive. 

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