Patty Cuyler is the Daughter of Early Cuyler and a hooker. She is a pale green squid who is very neglected by her parents.She lived with her mother until Early killed her. Patty has red hair, which she wears in a pony tail. Unlike other squids, Patty has four tentacles . She gets along well with Granny, and in one episode is seen having a tea party with her. Patty also shows interest in Ga Ga pee pap when Granny tells her a story about him. However, Patty hates Rusty's son ,Randy, and has tried to strangle him. She also seems to hate Tammy. Though he severely neglects her, she looks up to her father Early. .She is never seen talking to Lil and might not even know who she is.This article was crated by Kamron bowie in case show writers want to use the character look up on facebook

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