Snakeman is a resident of dougal county Georgia, he is often seen having relations with Krystal or eating another resident that have included screen characters and minor characters such as the Mexicans. His origins are unknown, but strange creatures are common in Dougal county

Although he never talks, Snakeman is often seen interacting with the other characters through hissing.


Snakeman has never had a prominent role, and is rather used to fill up positions with memorable faces. He will be seen in events as a bystander rather than being directly involved, but will have his moments where he does become part of the story, like being the person whom Krystal has an affair.


Despite having no talking ability, Snakeman has been able to understand the speech of others. He can also play chess and served in the jury for the Baby Death Trap trial. He has also participated in Early's hog hunting farm, and is likely to read due to him attending the bookfair to see Dean Koontz.


Snakeman can be seen in the top left corner in the jury


  • Snakeman looks very similar to Rusty Cuyler
  • This could be that Snakeman is half father to Rusty due to the hair and skin color because he and Earl had a three way sex with a woman.