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Early & Hershel

The Good One
Season: 3 Episode: 27
Production code: 102
First Aired: March 2, 2008

Plot: It begins with when Rusty Cuyler is seen near the Cuyler home talking to Granny Cuyler, Early crashes his vehicle recently adding Truck nuts to his Truck-boat-truck. After Early sees that Granny had bought Truck nuts of higher value than his Early throws his away and in a fit of rage storms in the home only to find Lil Cuyler impregnated from a relationship with a man from Dougal County. Lil explains the situation saying that her pregnancy was possible because the men she was with did not like to use condoms.

Lil gives birth while passed in her own filth moments later. Early, having no interest in raising the children, grabs the liter to go see "Saw 3". This turns out to be just Early's way of drowning the children. While Early is about to dispose of the children he is stopped by Sheriff who explains to Early that he won't let him get away with trying to drown the children, however moments later Sheriff does manage to get Early dropped of any charges.

While Rusty,Early and Sheriff are looking at the litter they realize that all the children are either pregnant,dying, or dead. most likely due to Lil's heavy drug abuse with various drugs and substances while she was pregnant. Several of them are crack babies or have severe diabetes. The only squid in remotely good condition is Hershel Walker Jr. while physically he is fairly healthy, he is clearly has mental issues (having stabbed to death several of his siblings a matter of minutes after his birth). Hershel proceeds to kill the sheriff, which impresses Early. As Early goes off with his nephew, Rusty is told to drown the rest of the litter. Deeply unsettled and pitying his kin, Rusty instead takes care of them (albeit by taking them to actually see the violent "Saw 3" film in a theater, though they seem to enjoy it). Hershel begins to act more and more like Early, and Early begins to gain more respect towards Hershel, however Early discovers that Hershel could not care less for him, as he leaves Early to die after being hit by a train. Rusty appears to save his father,and attaches twigs to make up for the legs Early lost. As Early struggles with his new wooden limbs he imagines what Hershel might be as an MMA fighter.

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