Would you find it so alarming that we started global warming?

Well we did it.

We really hate to brag, but your girlfriends on the rag because we did it.

Swine flu was our creation, to eradicate the nation of the Yiddish (Thats the Jews)

It was us who did it.

If your inbox is crammed with increase your penis spam, it was us that did it.

When you're walking down the road, and you feel a heavy load,


Excuse me,  no... no...

I am not going to take credit for global diarrhea

We did it.

You must fake it till you make it - so the credit, we will take it.

Because you grow up, you must blow up.

There's virgins waitin' for you to show up.

So douse yourself in gasoline - find a crowd in Nazarene.

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