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Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake...

My heart is aflutter,

I've found me a suiter.

A handsome young man is after my cooter.

I met him while trolling on Hezbollah hotties,

where I posted shots of my hot nubile body.

It's for her alone that my lonely heart aches, if she'll only share me with me her yellow cake...

  • Duet - Yellow Cake...

He wants me to shield my face with a smock.

These wardrobe requirements play to my strengths.

And I'll take her hand on a yellow cake walk,

as long as she stays behind seven arm lengths.

He said I would know him by his good hooks.

My hands were cut off for reading that Da Vinci Code book.

And we will swap spit when I life up my veil.

But first we'll conduct,

(Duet)this yellowcake

(Duet, fades out) sale....

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